MailPreparer® is the industry’s premier web based alternative to desktop mailing software. If you have the ability to put a CSV file into print production the choice to use MailPreparer® is crystal clear. Traditional mailing software seems reasonable at first but chronic updates and expensive add-on modules quadruple the original cost.

affordable annual or pay-as-you-go

“The winners will bet those companies that understand the power of technologies like cloud, analytics and mobility, and can harness that power to transform their businesses”

Jeanette Horan

MailPreparer® provides you all of these services in a simple, easy to use, safe and secure online process:

  • Online File Upload (.csv, .txt, .dbf, .xls, .xlsx, .mdb, or .accdb)
  • CASS™, NCOA, duplicate elimination
  • USPS PAVE (Gold) Certified presort processing
  • Lowest available presorted postal rates for volume mailings!
    • Construct Pallets of trays, sacks or loose bundles based off your pallet rules
    • Outputs placards, tray or sack tags
    • Dynamic drop ship entry planning producing cost effective destination entry mailings in one step
  • Produces USPS IM Barcode (IMB)
  • Returns all input fields of data
  • Produces all required USPS Mailing paperwork including Mail.dat!
  • Optional:
    • MailPieceTracker™
    • DSF2 file for saturation mailing discounts



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