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What if you could standardize and correct your data at the point of entry as an embedded function or update your existing database? We help you get more out of your CRM by protecting the life blood or your organization; your data!

We are the experts of hosted embedded address hygiene functionality. Our service can be consumed in App store environment like or we can work with your application vendor to provide these services as an embedded function. Contact us today; we’re constantly adding CRM vendors to partner list.

TECs Address Hygiene Services

  • USPS® CASS™ Certified Processing (Standardized Address Info)
  • Appends Zip Codes
  • Appends Zip+4
  • Appends Delivery Point Barcode (DPBC)
  • Appends Carrier Route information
  • Appends County data
  • Provides USPS® CASS™ (Form 3553) Summary Report
  • Corrects/Appends Suite information - USPS® SuiteLink
  • USPS® NCOALink™ Processing (Address Move Info)
  • Appends NEW address information
  • Qualifies for USPS® Move Update Requirements
  • Appends Mailability Indicator
  • Appends Move Type (Individual, Family, or Business)
  • Appends Move Effective Date
  • Summary and Statistical Move Reporting
  • Flags Duplicate Addresses

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